Opinion: “Everything is a Remix”

What is your opinion of the idea that “everything is a remix?” After viewing Part 4: System Failure, do you agree with the filmmaker about the effects of intellectual property?

Because of modern copyright laws and the right to intellectual property a new profit opportunity had come up, “Opportunistic Litigation” i.e. suing to make a buck. Corporations are now sample trolls and patent trolls that don’t produce anything but acquire a library of intellectual property rights and then litigate to earn profits. Because of these trolls, copying in order to “copy, transform, combine” and create other properties has become a dangerous thing to do. It greatly restricts the ability for any artist or anyone else to flex their creativity muscle without the fear of being sued. People need to copy in order to learn something and help them become as great as the piece they’re copying, to practice, or use said piece to create something new all together.


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