Reaction: A Dao of Web Design

“Well established hierarchies are not easily uprooted;
Closely held beliefs are not easily released;
So ritual enthralls generation after generation.”
Tao Te Ching; 38 Ritual

As technology progresses, some if not many are slow to change. People like sticking to what they are accustomed to and this is what this Tao Te Ching excerpt says. For example, when the iBook technology such as the Nook and Kindle came out they were seen as a more convenient way to read books. On this one tablet you have the ability to store upwards of 10,000 books! Yet there are some people who simply said they rather have a physical copy of a book, the ability to flip the pages and touch each page and word. Personally, I agreed with those people at one point but then I realized I actually like experimenting with change and saw not only the storage convenience but the savings in money as well! Buying books on the Nook or Kindle are usually less than a physical copy. Also if you’re like me and sometimes forget your tablet and want to read at School or wherever you can access the data on your tablet on your phone or laptop.

In the Article Allsopp likes addresses the need for control over the web and then realization many designers face when they see that the print medium and the evolving modern web are two different entities with the latter being much more complicated but with very fewer constraints. Which is something that we as designers, have to embrace because if you can adapt to this new medium, this new environment, they you can succeed in this world that is changing with us.

“Yet a tree broader than a man can embrace is born of a tiny shoot;
A dam greater than a river can overflow starts with a clod of earth;
A journey of a thousand miles begins at the spot under one’s feet.”
Tao Te Ching; 64a. Care at the Beginning


One thought on “Reaction: A Dao of Web Design

  1. Great Melissa! I think your ebook example is a great precursor to the theme of “content everywhere” that we’ll be talking about in a couple of weeks! Hold on to that idea.

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