Internship Day 1 & 2

I walked into Pitney Bowes this Monday on June 16, 2014. The building is as enormous as it is beautiful with an amazing view of the greenery outside.

I met my manager Jessica who was very welcoming and showed me my cubicle and introduced me to the other people who worked in the creative department. I met the project managers, a graphic designer, and Jessica’s boss.

The first day was mostly filling out orientation paperwork about the corporate environment that you do online. I love having two screens and working on Macs! And having a company email is also nice. At my last internship I also had the same benefits but I’m always amazed I am giving these tools.

The second day was me getting more familiar with our brand guidelines. As well as getting more familiar with InDesign. Jessica taught me how to add swatches to ID so I could have then ready to use. These swatches are the company colors used in most designs.

Also to note in this journal, I am attending summer classes until July so for the month of June half my weekdays are in school and the other half at PB which is why my days/activities seem short.


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