Internship Day 3 & 4

Day 3 of my internship started out with organizing myself in my workspace and proceed to check work mail. I had to update my calendar for future internship workshop/events and a photoshops Monday with my team! Needless to say I’m very excited for everything that’s up and coming. I was then asked by my manager to do some research on t-shirt companies that she needed information on for an upcoming project. I sent out emails and got quotas, shipping details, and other information I needed in order to present my manager with a variety of options.

Day four I picked up where I started and finished my research on the companies. I presented an excel file with a side by side comparison of the companies and a PowerPoint presentation which included images and more notes on each company.
And also sent her some designs I thought would be most aesthetically appealing.

At Pitney Bowes we use ‘Yammer’ which is a business social media site used to network. There I saw a post about ‘Udemy’ which is a website that teaches you about certain skills such as Web Development. A couple of other employees and I were interested and I emailed the appropriate sources in order to sign up and am eagerly waiting a response back. This is just one of the many benefits of working at PB! A great network and many opportunities.

Back to my 4th day at work, I then had to run over and see my University Relations Rep. In order to pick up a book for a Tuesday event all interns are invited to. The event is titled “University Intern Presentation Skills by Kevin Carrol” and the book it’s titled “Make your point!” With a tag line that reads “speak clearly and concisely anyplace, anytime”…After I picked up the book I went back to my cubicle and it was almost time for lunch.

Earlier that day my manager had said we would be going out to Lunch. A group of 5 of us went to a local deli shop called ‘Whip!’ And sat down to talk and get to know and learn more about everyone. It was a very fun lunch with all of us talking about everything from owning a boat, going for a masters degree, and talking about the FIFA World Cup event.

Once we got back to the office I signed into where I began to familiarize myself with InDesign more and practiced on some of the templates we have in one of the network folders. In between my practice I also had to fill out some forms for my University Relations rep. I have gotten use to filling out numerous paperwork at corporate America.

Also it should be noted that my manager gave me the account information to sign into a website full of tutorials on how to use numerous software that usually costs money but as a PB intern, I get for free! And I have two screens at desktop and use a Mac! On my computer I have the entire Adobe suite at my disposal!

Other details I have are a company email where I email other PB employees or just communicate while I’m working. At PB we also ‘ping’ each other with is instant messaging using communicator. I sometimes ping my manager or university relations rep. And have also kept communication with my other fellow PB intern I met during InRoads**


Internship Day 1 & 2

I walked into Pitney Bowes this Monday on June 16, 2014. The building is as enormous as it is beautiful with an amazing view of the greenery outside.

I met my manager Jessica who was very welcoming and showed me my cubicle and introduced me to the other people who worked in the creative department. I met the project managers, a graphic designer, and Jessica’s boss.

The first day was mostly filling out orientation paperwork about the corporate environment that you do online. I love having two screens and working on Macs! And having a company email is also nice. At my last internship I also had the same benefits but I’m always amazed I am giving these tools.

The second day was me getting more familiar with our brand guidelines. As well as getting more familiar with InDesign. Jessica taught me how to add swatches to ID so I could have then ready to use. These swatches are the company colors used in most designs.

Also to note in this journal, I am attending summer classes until July so for the month of June half my weekdays are in school and the other half at PB which is why my days/activities seem short.